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You’ve already spent resources curating content, why not put it to work? SkyWave allows you to plug your brand and content into a custom native mobile app and manage through our CMS platform.
SkyWave has worked diligently with us to create something needed and wanted by the community.

-Scott Costello, Founder, Advantage Publishing

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Engage your community


Find events based on personal interests.

Whether your users are music lovers or outdoor enthusiasts, they can browse and follow a variety of categories that are relevant to their lifestyle. A curated list of events based on these interests will appear in the "My List" feed, ensuring that your users hear about the events that they will want to attend.

"Near Me"

What's happening close by?

While enjoying a night out on the town, or visiting a certain area, find out what events are happening through the "Near Me" feature. GPS location service shows the actual proximity to events happening nearby.

My List

A custom curated list of events.

"My List" is a personally curated list of events from followed categories only. Events on this list can be shared on social media, added to a calendar, marked as a favorite, or hidden with a single click.


Save exciting events.

Events can be added to "Favorites" to keep up-to-date with event details, such as venue and ticket pricing. Push notifications and event pages can help event coordinators send reminders and keep attendees updated.

Control your content


What's happening next?

Keep your community active, fun, and informed by adding new events, removing cancelled events, and updating changed events with our Content Management System (CMS). Skywave will push changes to your users in real-time.

The Power of Push

Connect with users 24/7 at no cost.

Send important updates and other information directly to your users’ devices with PUSH notifications. Manage, create, and control the notifications that your community sees.

70% of consumers found all push be valuable.


Increase your impact and return.

The impact and revenue that Skywave provides are driven by features such as sponsored events, push notifications, and direct inbox communications. Strategic and targeted advertisements can also be shown to your users during launch and use of the app.


What makes your community click?

Analytics provide invaluable insight into when and how your users interact with your app. These insights will provide you with detailed information to help improve advertising and user engagement.

Want ways to monetize?

In-App Ads

Targeted Push Notification

Sponsored Deals/Events

Content Gating

Incentivized Advertising

Segmented SMS campaigns
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