Still frustrating parents with cluttered emails?

Delight them with clear, personalized, and integrated communication.

Skywave has provided us a state-of-the-art communication solution to eliminate the dreaded emails sent home and our students and parents are thrilled!

-Richard Gehman, Headmaster Oak Hall School

Direct Communication


RIGHT information to the RIGHT people

Students, parents, and faculty now have a way to follow only the categories relevant to them, streamlining communication. We make it easy for you to keep your community up-to-date and engaged in real-time.


School Directory with one click calling

Students, parents, and teachers no longer have to struggle to find the right demoReqs. The directory content is always up to date and offers one click calling. What’s more, the directory offers one click attendance notification calling.

My List

A custom curated list of events

"My List" is a personally curated list of events from followed categories only. Events on this list can be shared on social media, added to a calendar, marked as a favorite, or hidden with a single click.


Save specific activities

Events can be added to "Favorites" to keep up-to-date with event details, such as time and location. Push notifications and event pages can help faculty and coordinators send reminders to keep students and parents updated.

Manage your communication


21st century communication

Revolutionize your school-to-home communication and reach your stakeholders on their most popular communication Skywave's Content Management System (CMS) is a web based system that allows you to access and gain complete control over your content while pushing changes to your users in real-time.

The Power of Push

Instantly connect with users 24/7

Send important updates, cancelled events and practices, urgent alerts, and other information directly to your community with instant PUSH notifications. Manage, create, and control the notifications to certain groups or your entire community.

70% of consumers found all push be valuable.

Seamless Integration

Compatible with systems you already use

Skywave provides seamless integration with most existing software infrastructures. The Skywave Content Management System (CMS) is designed to standardize data entry, making this process easier for staff.

User Permissions

RIGHT access to the RIGHT staff

SkyWave understands all the different roles involved in making your school successful, so we created the ability to grant different levels of permissions for different types of users. All users can add, remove or edit content, but only designated faculty and staff can approve what goes live in the app.

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